Affordable Housing Foundation


1. About the Foundation

Why has the Foundation been established?
There are many people in our region who have difficulty affording to pay for suitable accommodation to live in. This is usually due to a combination of reasons, including both the high cost of renting a property, and the high percentage of people in our region who are on low incomes.
The Foundation has been established to provide a permanent source of funding that will assist in meeting the urgent and growing need for adequate affordable housing.

Who will the Foundation assist

The Foundation will assist people who are disadvantaged in some way and are unable to afford to pay normal market rent. We have strict eligibility guidelines that will be followed to ensure that we operate in a very fair and equitable manner.

We will assist people like Jenny, a single Mum with 2 children under 5 yrs of age.

Jenny’s story

Jenny was married to a violent man who mistreated her and the children, until they finally escaped and moved to the North Coast of NSW to start a new life. Due to her husbands drinking, the family had no savings, so Jenny had to start her new life from ‘scratch’. She is now living with her parents in their 2 bedroom house. Both Jenny’s children have frequent nightmares and one has a medical condition that requires expensive medication. Jenny has been trying really hard to find her family their own home, but hasn’t been able to find a property to rent that will leave her with enough money to pay her other living expenses. Her parent’s patience is wearing thin and relationships have become very strained.

2. How to make a donation

For the Foundation to be successful in helping to provide affordable housing throughout the region, we need YOUR help.
We encourage all individuals, parishes, organisations and businesses to join our growing list of partners by donating funds to the Foundation.
Do you share our passion to help disadvantaged people in our region, so they can at the very least be able to have a safe and affordable place to call home? If so, please support the Foundation by making a donation.

There are 4 easy ways you can donate to the Affordable Housing Foundation:
1. By cheque or money order
2. By authorising us to do a payment on your credit card
3. By depositing funds into the Foundation’s bank account
4. By doing an on-line donation.