Our governing board
Our Board is responsible for the governance of our organisation, with particular attention being paid to the monitoring of finances, quality and risk and the establishment and achievement of strategic directions and goals. We operate in accordance with a documented governance framework, including an Ordinance of Incorporation, Code of Conduct and an extensive range of governance policies and procedures, covering matters such as conflicts of interest, conduct of meetings and appointment and removal of Board members.


Board Members

Allan Bryen Director
Judith Edwards Director
Zoe Everingham Director
Christian Ford Director
David Ford Director
Gail Hagon Director
David Hanger Director
Murray Harvey Chairperson
Gregory Jenks Director
Matthew Jones Director
Pamela Langford Director
Keith McPherson Director
Christopher Nelson Director
Stephanie Ridge Director
Desley Ryan Director
Terence Shorten Director
Matthew Smedley Director
Stuart Webb Director