Migrant Services





Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS)
Anglicare North Coast is contracted by the Department of Social Services to provide Humanitarian Settlement Services for eligible clients on the North Coast of NSW.
The HSS program helps humanitarian entrants to participate in the economic and social life of Australia and equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to independently access services after the initial settlement period. Services under the HSS program are generally provided for the first six to 12 months after a client’s arrival.
In the first instance we work with humanitarian entrants to identify their needs and develop a case management plan to deliver a tailored package of services to meet these needs.
Initial services to clients may include:
• arrival reception and assistance
• assistance with finding accommodation (short and long term)
• property induction
• providing an initial food package and start-up pack of household goods
• assistance to register with Centrelink, Medicare, health services, banks and schools
• linking with community and recreational programmes
• orientation to assist new arrivals to understand Australian society, laws and cultureFor more information on HSS:

Complex Case Support (CCS)
Anglicare North Coast is approved by the Department of Social Services (DSS) to provide services under the Complex Case Support (CCS) Programme which delivers specialised and intensive case management services to humanitarian entrants with exceptional needs. This programme provides flexible and tailored responses to meet the individual needs of each case.
CCS is specifically targeted at humanitarian entrant clients whose needs extend beyond the scope of other settlement services, such as the Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) programme and Settlement Grants. CCS is designed to work in partnership with settlement and mainstream services to address barriers these clients face in settling in Australia.
Access to CCS is assessed by DSS on an ‘as needs’ basis and subject to meeting programme criteria. CCS clients usually have a range of intense or critical needs that require access to multiple services. Anyone can refer a person for CCS, including:
• migrant resource centres and refugee support groups
• settlement service providers
• Australian Government, state or territory government agencies
• community and health organisations
• local church and volunteer groups
• doctors, teachers, police officers and school counsellors
• individual’s, including self-referral.

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