Our history







From its very earliest days, the Anglican Church in Australia has provided care for the society in which it has lived by working for change in government policies which have disadvantaged particular groups, and the provision of material aid to those in need.
Over the years this led to a proliferation of agencies which sometimes duplicated the work done by others, and produced a climate of competition for supporters.

Without wishing to diminish the autonomy of these agencies or negate the good work done by them, it became desirable to consolidate them under the one banner which could be instantly recognizable as the ‘Anglican Church at Work.’

And so Anglicare Australia was born. This is the national body which represents – in a public sense – many different Anglican agencies across Australia. Each diocese has established its own smaller umbrella agency which represents the interests of the local community. Under these smaller umbrellas the individual agencies work for the relief of the poor, frail and disenfranchised members of our society.
Anglicare North Coast was established in the Diocese of Grafton by an Ordinance of Synod in 1999. Anglicare North Coast has grown from a very small, volunteer managed organisation through various stages of development to the professional, highly regarded organisation that it now is.