General Information


for Anglicare North Coast Community Housing Tenants


General Maintenance: All issues should be reported by contacting Anglicare on 6645 1244 and we will organise someone to fix the problem.

Emergency Maintenance: (i.e. Items such as burst pipes and faulty wiring that may cause harm to self or others or damage to the property) If you are unable to contact Anglicare, in this circumstance it is acceptable to contact the appropriate service provider direct. All costs of repairs, if within these guidelines, will be paid for by Anglicare North Coast. (Please report the incident to Anglicare on 6645 1244 as soon as possible).

Pest control: Anglicare will conduct regular White Ant inspections as part of its ongoing maintenance plan. All units will be sprayed for spiders and cockroaches when a unit is vacated. It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that cockroaches and spiders are kept to a minimum during the term of their tenancy.

Smoke Detectors: Smoke Detectors are installed for your safety. Please do not disconnect or interfere with the fire alarm. All maintenance issues relating to your fire alarm should be reported to Anglicare on 6645 1244 promptly.

Fixtures and Fittings: If you wish to add or take away any fixtures or fittings (e.g install a ceiling fan, install rails in the bathroom or remove a cupboard door) please send your request in writing to: Anglicare North Coast, 153 River St, Maclean, NSW, 2463. We will investigate your request and provide you with a written letter outlining our decision. (All alterations will be at the cost of the tenant or supporting agency).

Accounts / Finances

Rental Calculations: All rent is calculated in accordance with the NSW Community Housing Rental Policy.

Centrepay Deductions: For tenants who receive Centrelink benefits, rent will be paid through a Centrepay deduction process set up through Anglicare North Coast at the commencement of the tenancy. This means that every fortnight the rent will be automatically deducted from the Centrelink payment. A similar system is in place for recipients of income from the Department of Veteran Affairs. An alternative method is used for tenants with alternate sources of income.

Water rates: For properties with individual water metres, all water usage charges will be paid for by the tenant.

Electricity & Telephone: All account payments, connection and disconnections regarding utilities are the responsibility of the tenant.

General Issues

Pets and Animals: No animals will be allowed on the premises unless pre approved in writing, and if it can be demonstrated that having a pet is essential to your health and wellbeing. (A letter from your GP may be requested to support your request).

Rent reviews and Property inspections: Anglicare conducts regular property inspections, and reviews of income for rent. This generally occurs twice a year (or at other times as deemed necessary). You will be contacted in writing when this is to occur.

Newsletters: Anglicare sends out a newsletter periodically to inform tenants of any relevant issues and changes. Furthermore, Anglicare North Coast has regular articles in the North Coast Anglican, a
bi-monthly newspaper for the Anglican Diocese of Grafton. Any tenants who would like a copy of this newspaper should contact Community Housing staff on 6645 1244 and a free copy will be sent out.

Tenant Meetings: Anglicare North Coast conducts tenant meetings periodically to enable tenants the opportunity to discuss issues relating to their tenancy and to enable Anglicare to inform tenants of any relevant changes.

Garbage Recycling: Most local Councils have strict rules regarding recycling. Tenants are requested to follow the guidelines listed on the garbage bins as to the disposal of rubbish and to ensure that bins are placed out on the appropriate day for rubbish collection.

Water Restrictions: It is important that tenants make themselves aware of any water restriction imposed by local authorities and ensure any rules are obeyed.

Noise and Disturbances: Noise which would disturb the peace, privacy and wellbeing of other residents will not be accepted. This applies to tenants and their visitors and includes raised voices, loud music and the banging of doors etc. Residential Tenancy Agreements may be terminated for failure to comply.

Alcohol and Drugs: Alcohol is not to be consumed in the common areas of any Community Housing complexes. The use of illegal drugs or use of any Community Housing facility for illegal activities will not be tolerated and will result in referral to the Police and generally to the termination of the tenancy.

Complaints and Appeals

Anglicare North Coast recognises that tenants of Community Housing from time to time may be unhappy with the service, standards, practices and policies of Anglicare North Coast. For tenants in this situation the following steps should be taken:
Step 1: Contact Anglicare North Coast Community Housing and talk to the Coordinator about the situation that you are not happy about. In many cases this may be all that is needed to resolve the conflict.
Step 2: If the situation is still unresolved you should again contact Anglicare North Coast Community Housing and ask to have a “How to Complain Information Pack” sent out to you. This will explain details of what should be done next to have any concerns heard.

Community Housing has Policy and Procedures available for tenants to view in each Anglicare North Coast Office.

Community Housing Complaints and Appeals, Policy and Procedures, and an Information Brochure can be accessed in each Anglicare North Coast Office.

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