Partners in Recovery


What is PIR?

Partners in Recovery (PIR) is an initiative of the Australian Government to improve access to services for people with severe and persistent mental ill-health.
It aims to better support people with complex needs and their families and carers, by getting services and supports to work in a more collaborative, coordinated and integrated way.
Partners in Recovery promotes a community based recovery model for people living with severe and persistent mental ill-health. This model encourages people to live well in their community, by supporting them to access the help they need from different clinical and non-clinical service providers, and informal networks.

How does PIR work?

Support facilitators assist PIR participants to identify the priorities that will enable them to live a life of quality in their community. This process includes identifying the helping services and networks that can be engaged. The participant is then assisted where necessary to successfully engage with the support that will work for them. In addition, Support Facilitators work ‘behind the scenes’ to improve the way people can access services and supports, and the way different providers can work together to provide ‘joined up’ services.
North Coast Partners in Recovery is a consortium of nine local service providers. Anglicare North Coast has support facilitators based in the Clarence Valley and Coffs Harbour. Other consortium partners have Support Facilitators in these same locations, as well as many other locations on the North Coast.
For more information about North Coast PIR, please contact 1800 022 066

Who can benefit from PIR?

PIR is for people who meet the following criteria:
1. Experiencing severe and persistent mental ill-health; (may or may not have diagnosis)
2. Have needs that require support from a number of different services and providers;
3. Find it hard to engage with various services and feel that you need more support to access services;
4. Currently have no case coordination, or your case coordination is not meeting your needs.

How can you apply to become a PIR participant?
North Coast PIR has a central intake for applications to PIR. Applications are made in writing, and can be completed by a person themselves, or with assistance from a family member, a Support Facilitator or a health or welfare worker. If you would like to discuss your application with one of our Support Facilitators, please contact us on 6643 4844
You can access an application form here.
You can read about North Coast PIR in a brochure here.